Principal Investigator

Weilong Hao

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2011), University of Toronto, with Dr. Donald E. Low (deceased)

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology (2007-2010), Indiana University, with Dr. Jeffrey D. Palmer

Ph.D in Computational Biology (2002-2007), McMaster University, with Dr. G. Brian Golding

M.Sc in Microiology, NanKai University, China

B.Sc in Microiology, NanKai University, China


Graduate Students

Nan Zhang

B.Sc. Biotechnology, 2013

Shantou University, China


Undergraduate Students

Abisha Ali

Currently enrolled in Biological Sciences at Wayne State

Tabassum Chowdhurry

Currently enrolled in Med-Direct at Wayne State

Elizabeth Spisak

Currently enrolled in Med-Direct at Wayne State



  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scientists

    Dr. Baojun Wu (2012-2016)
    Dr. Jin Liu (2016)
    Dr. Thomas Braukmann (2015)
    Dr. Ying Kong (2012-2013)

  • Graduate Students

    Duong Nguyen (MSc 2018)

  • Rotation Students

    Di Kang (2016 F)
    Justin Dykema (2016 F)
    Mahmoud Suliman (2015 F)
    Nan Zhang (2014 F)
    Harika Gundlapalli (2014 W)
    JC Sanders (2014 W)
    Jiajia Ji (2014 W)
    Xin Wang (2012 S)
    Zhichao Song (2012 W)

  • Undergraduate Students

    Allison Macielog (2016 W, 2016 S, 2017 W)
    Salwa Saleh (2016 F, 2017 W)
    Efren Munoz (2016 S)
    Alejandro Lozano (2016 S)
    Shereef Zaky (2015 F, 2016 W)
    Hussein Mouzaihem (2015 W)
    Yousif Makadsi (2015 W)
    Diana Mehdi (2014 S, 2014 F)
    Adnan Buljic (2013 F, 2014 W)
    Mohammed Alomgir (2013 F, 2014 W)
    Tane Kim (2013 S, 2013 F)
    Duong Nguyen (2013 S)
    Zeinab Aode (2013 S)

  • High School Students

    Alex Prusik (2016 S) L'Anse Creuse High
    Sazid Hasan (2015 F, 2015 W) Bloomfield Hills High
    Rohit Bhadange (2012 S) Farmington High

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    • Future Graduate Students

    We are currently seeking motivated Ph.D. Students who are interested in Genomics or/and Bioinformatics.
    For inquiries, feel free to contact us.

    If you are not yet enrolled by WayneState, but interested in joining the lab:
    Feel free to contact me for information, but officially, need to apply through the Department of Biological Sciences at Wayne State.

    If you are enrolled, and want to join the lab:
    Please contact me directly.

    Please feel free to explore our Publications to check our work and productivity.

    Many find the link below very interesting and useful,
    Feel free to check it out: Advice for potential graduate students from Dr. Johnsen (Duke)


    • Future Undergraduate/Directed-study Students

    We enjoy having highly motivated undergraduate students for research experience training. If you are currently enrolled at WayneState and interested in our research, please send me an email with:

    1) A 1-or-2-sentence description about you.
    2) What is your career goal?
    3) Why you want to do research?
    4) How many hours per week you plan to commit AND how many semesters you are looking for?
    5) A copy of your transcripts (unofficial would be just fine).

    Please be aware that we will have to consider our lab space, project, and students' fit. If we think you are a potentially good fit to the lab, we will contact you further.