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Our lab welcomes students who are interested in experimental (wet) research, bioinformatics analysis (dry), or both. We conduct studies using next-generation sequencing, experimental and bioinformatics approaches. Much of our published work has been carried out mostly on bacteria, yeast and fungi (microbes), some of our projects reached plants and animals.

If you would like to know more, you can explore our Research and Publications. For more information, feel free to contact us.

We are currently seeking motivated Ph.D. Students who are interested in Genomics or/and Bioinformatics.
For inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Lab News (in recent 5 years)



A mini-review on yeast mitogenomes was accepted by Frontiers in Microbiology.


Paige Charania (grad) joined the lab.


Our paper on the most extremely AT-rich genome was accapted by GBE. Great job!
Nina Agemy (undergrad) joined the lab.
Our paper on mutation and loss of heterozygosity was accapted by MBE. Very nice collaboration!
Jacob won the UROP Award ! Congratulations!
Zohan Hoque (grad) joined the lab.
Collaborative work with Dr. J.-P. Jin was accepted by Frontiers Bioengineering.


Baojun's paper was accepted by Environ Microbiol, well done!
Jacob Kostecke (undergrad) joined the lab.
Arjun Muralidharan (undergrad) joined the lab.
Emily Smith (undergrad) joined the lab.


Collaborative work with Dr. Claude dePamphilis was accepted by PNAS.
Collaborative work with Dr. Yifan Zhang was accepted by IJAA.
Abisha Ali (undergrad) joined the lab.
Tabassum Chowdhury (undergrad) joined the lab.
Elizabeth Spisak (undergrad) joined the lab.


Our paper on mitogenome sizes was accepted by GBE, well done!
Baojun and Allison's paper was accepted by GBE, well done!
Allison won the P. Dennis Smith Research Award! Congratulations!
Salwa Saleh (undergrad) joined the lab.