Our Lab


The research in our lab is in the field of bioinformatics and sequence analysis and comparative genomics. Our published work has been involved in investigating horizontal gene transfer and homologous recombination in bacterial genomes and eukaryotic mitochondrial genomes. We also applied bioinformatics approaches on whole genome sequencing data using next-generation sequencing to address the evolution and epidemiology of microbial pathogens. Our goal is to address some fundamental biological questions using the combination of genome sequencing, experimental and bioinformatics approaches.

Some topics we are interested in:

  •     1) Horizontal gene transfer in both bacteria and eukaryotes
  •     2) The evolution and epidemiology of bacterial pathogens
  •     3) Comparative metagenomics and dynamics of microbiota
  •     4) Gene trafficking in eukaryotic organelles
  •     5) Mitochondria-related aging in yeast

If you would like to know more, you can explore our Research and Publications. For more information, feel free to contact us.

We are currently seeking motivated Ph.D. Students who are interested in Genomics or/and Bioinformatics.
For inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Lab News



Collaborative work with Dr. Youming Xie was accepted by JBC.
Collaborative work with Dr. Ashok Bhagwat was accepted by PNAS.
Allison Macielog (undergrad) joined the lab.
Shereef Zaky (undergrad) joined the lab.


Baojun and Adnan's paper was accepted by Mol Biol Evol, well done!
Baojun's paper was accepted by G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, well done!
Nan Zhang (grad) joined the lab.
Duong Nguyen (grad) joined the lab.
Thomas Braukmann (postdoc) joined the lab.
Yousif Makadsi (undergrad) joined the lab.
Hussein Mouzaihem (undergrad) joined the lab.


Tane's paper was accepted by BMC Bioinformatics, well done!
Diana Mehdi (undergrad) joined the lab.
Baojun's paper was accepted by G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, well done!
Duong won the P. Dennis Smith Award! Congratulations!


Adnan Buljic (undergrad) joined the lab.
Ying's paper was accepted by Genome Biol Evol, well done!
Mohammed Alomgir (undergrad) joined the lab.
Zeinab Aode (undergrad) joined the lab.
Duong Nguyen (undergrad) joined the lab.
Tane Kim (undergrad) joined the lab.


Ying Kong (research assistant) joined the lab.
Baojun Wu (postdoc) joined the lab.